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Vaping: Better than smoking?

Blowing Smoke, or Smoking Blows?

Whether you're new to the vape scene or a seasoned veteran, there's more than one way to blaze. We love a good ol' bong rip, and dabbing is downright dab-ulous (not really, but it should be). Today we're looking at the third way of smoking: vaporizing.

Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, but many still choose to do it. If you are one of these people, the habit can become extremely expensive. If you smoke daily, the cost can add up to thousands of dollar a year and your health could be taking a hit without you even realizing it. Vaporizers provide an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes or medicinal cannabis that doesn’t come with any of the drawbacks and potential ill effects.

In this world of constant change, it's easy to see the benefits of modern technology. For instance, why would anyone want to be stuck with a lighter that can run out of fuel when we have rechargeable models? Or how about those torches that leave your fingers smelling like a campfire? The same goes for vaporizers. There's no need to deal with hot metal coils or combustion when you can use a device that heats up only the flower and concentrates, leaving you with a smooth, cool inhalation.

While there are some people who prefer the feel of smoking a joint from time to time, there are many others who are convinced vaporizers are the better way to go. However, not everyone is ready to jump on the vape bandwagon just yet. They may be concerned about how these devices work and what health issues they may cause. But if someone does their research and learns more about vaporizers, they may be easily convinced to switch over from smoking joints or bowls. By doing this, the device can filter out more than 90% of the harmful toxins found in marijuana smoke, according to a study conducted by Dr. Donald Tashkin at UCLA's School of Medicine and published in 2008.

Personally, I like the smell of cannabis, and most that consume cannabis products do too. However, there are times and places that pot smoke just isn't appropriate. Burnt flower smoke can be so pungent and overbearing to those around you that don't smoke. Not to mention its considered poor taste to smoke it around non-smokers, but with vaporizers, you can enjoy the aroma without bothering anyone.

Many vaporizers allow you to choose which temperature setting to use for vaping your weed. At the lowest setting, you will inhale very little vapor; at higher temperatures, you will get a stronger hit with more vapor. This allows you to choose how much you want to inhale at any given time. Vaporizers are available in both portable and non-portable models. These devices heat up in seconds and usually last longer than a small amount of weed would take to burn. This means that you can take a drag or two whenever you feel like it, rather than just when you have a bowl or blunt going.

The vapor produced by these vaporizers tastes great and doesn't stink up your clothes like smoke does, so they're great for sneaking hits on the sly or hitting the road smoking. I love the fact that you can get them in just about every type of strain, so you more then likely can find your favorite flower, in a vape. The amount of flavor profiles are endless. Personally I love a good Indica vape, something usually in the gorilla glue #4, or Berry G #33 area.

There are many different types of vaporizers available today. The two most common types are desktop models and portable models, which can be easily transported and used at home or on-the-go. Desktop models are usually larger than portable models and are more expensive, but they offer the benefit of containing a larger heating chamber so you can vape for longer periods of time.

Disposable vapes are popular among consumers who use cannabis recreationally, or have medicinal issues that prevent them from using other methods of consumption. Since disposable vapes don’t have replaceable components, they’re known to be more affordable and less likely to break than their reusable counterparts. We offer a great selection of disposable vapes at steady eddy. Some options include, The Cannabis Club 1000mg Pen. Available in various flavors, like Gelato and Wedding Cake, Green Crack, Strawberry cough, Grand Daddy Purp and a few more flavors. If you are interested in purchasing a disposable vape, check out our shop and visit the vapes page to see all the available options.

My advice for all the newbie cannabis smokers out there is to be patient when finding your preferred way of consuming cannabis. When you do decide to use a portable vaporizer in the future, give it a few different tries before you completely dismiss it as a better way to go. Different strains will hit you differently and different delivery systems will also affect you. The take away here is that having fun while smoking shouldn’t be the only focus of your endeavors. I hope you were able to follow along with this blog and get a better idea of how vaping cannabis can improve your smoking experience!

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Jan 27, 2022

This actually made me want to try a disposable vaporizer.

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