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Never Fear, $75 Ounces Are Here!!

Steady Eddy's is now offering $75 ounces of cannabis!

This months special will be ICE OG for $75 an Oz, it will only be sold in increments of 28 grams due to the inexpensive price. The ICE OG is a personal favorite of mine and great for daytime smoking.

Ice OG will redefine your definition of all the couch lock strains, as it is a hard hitter sure to leave you stationary for a while.

The buds are small and loose, and definitely explain the strain’s namesake, at least visually. Ice OG smells very clean and fresh, and when ground up smells even better when a hint of peppermint is released.

In terms of the actual high, you’ll receive a warm feeling after smoking some this, most notably in the head, neck, shoulders, back, and thighs, and calf's. A great strain that last for hours and has been known to induce the munchies consistently.

Amazing for those with appetite problems or insomnia. Ice OG is perfect for night-time smokers, or those who are looking to be heavily sedated for a good amount of time.

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Looks like: Smaller, pale buds frosted with white/grey trichomes

Smells like: Peppermint/Eucalyptus

Makes your feel: Relaxed, Focused, Euphoria, Bliss, Happy

Helps you with: Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Lack of Appetite

Cons: Couch Lock, Dry Eyes, Laziness, Headaches, Drowsiness

For free delivery and shipping place an order using the shopping cart.

Thank you and have a great day!

Steady Eddy.

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