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9 Jobs You Should Checkout If Your A Stoner!

Do you want to work in the growing cannabis industry? While most employers would drug test you, certain work-from-home opportunities may allow you to smoke whenever you want. Other occupations in the business might get you closer to your favorite plant than ever before.

Do you want to work in the burgeoning cannabis industry? If you have the necessary expertise, talents, and a strong interest in cannabis, you should look into these top nine high-paying careers for stoners.

Here Are the Top High Paying Jobs for Stoners

1. Budtender

As a certified stoner, you have the skills and experience to guide newcomers to cannabis in a safe and effective manner. You've probably tried hundreds of various strains and products, as well as had your fair share of terrible trips, so you're well-versed in the dos and don'ts of cannabis use.

Customers are given product suggestions, their IDs are checked, and the transaction is completed utilizing POS systems by budtenders. Previous experience in retail, hospitality, or customer service is desirable.

2. Bud Trimmer

You've witnessed the difference between low- and high-quality pot throughout your smoking adventures, so you know precisely what to look for in high-quality bud. There are no leaves, stalks, or seeds on this plant. Cannabis buds that are bright and pure, with trichomes gleaming on them.

While bud trimming is a low-wage work, many cultivation facilities compensate their trimmers according on how much they trim in a day, which may range from one to two pounds, or three if you're very talented.

Repetitive activities might cause a strain injury, so keep that in mind. Always remember to take regular pauses and stretch. Bud trimming jobs are a wonderful way to get a foot in the door for various roles in the cultivation industry, such as assistant, supervisor, or lead grower.

3. Cannabis Grower

If you enjoy both smoking and growing marijuana, an indoor or outdoor growth facility may have a position for you. If you want to work your way up in the cannabis production industry, you'll need previous horticultural expertise and education.

Cleaning, watering, feeding, defoliation, transplanting, harvesting, drying, and curing are all common duties. After several years of experience, this position may not be the most lucrative at first, but it may lead to high-paying roles such as master grower or director of cultivation.

4. Extraction Technician

You can appreciate the job done at processing plants if you're mechanically inclined and have a sense for chemistry. Extraction technicians are responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of commercial extraction equipment.

A cannabis extraction technician creates concentrates such as distillate, isolate, live resin, shatter, wax, and oil from plant material. Previous lab experience or a degree in chemistry or a similar science discipline may be required for this position. Salaries are determined by a combination of factors including experience, location, and employer.

5. Programmer

Programmers are analytical, rational, and require a high level of mental present to code for hours at a time. Cannabis software firms are searching for competent programmers to help them build industry-specific computer software and apps. Cannabis usage may be permitted if you work in this field.

While most programmers won't even touch it while coding, they may use it after work to unwind and relax. Others may discover that ingesting micro doses of cannabis might help them focus even more on their coding efforts.

6. Delivery Driver

You're a strong candidate for working as a delivery driver for a shop if you're personable, comfortable with cash transactions, and an amazing driver. A clean driving record, a dependable mode of transportation, and maybe a high school certificate are all required.

Orders are delivered straight to customers' homes by delivery drivers from cannabis businesses. The pay for this entry-level profession is low, but drivers are eligible for tips. If you're a consumer favorite, you may get a nice piece of cash every day.

7. Edibles Chef

Making cookies, candies, brownies, and other edibles all day is a dream job for most stoners. Some of the most wanted stoner professions in this newly legal business are edible chefs. To make adequately dosed and delectable cannabis products on a commercial basis, it takes a lot of talent and experience.

You can work as a kitchen assistant or product packager in an edibles kitchen if you're just getting started in the food and cannabis industry. These entry-level positions are excellent places to start acquiring experience in a cannabis kitchen and learning how to run a state-compliant operation.

8. Glassblower

Cannabis boosts creativity and inventiveness without a doubt. Glass makers that specialise in cannabis paraphernalia combine their passions for glass blowing with cannabis paraphernalia. They create a variety of glass items, such as bongs and pipes. A profession as a glassblower will allow you to express your creativity.

Glass blowing equipment for beginners start at $1,000, and you'll need to be able to manage temperatures beyond 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. There may be a rising market for your abilities if you're up for the task and want to make a name for yourself as a prolific glassblower.

9. Journalist/Writer

Many of history's greatest authors and writers have smoked a lot of pot, and some of them might argue a little too much at times. If you have a knack for writing, there are plenty of opportunities in the cannabis market for you. Salaries differ depending on experience and the publication/company.

Cannabis enterprises may hire writers and journalists to build websites, sell their goods, and give cannabis consultancy services. Journalists can contribute to industry journals that cover a variety of topics such as law, culture, politics, and more.

The reality is that many people who smoke weed still go on to do great things and make positive changes in the world. As many of us know, weed makes you creative, insightful and relaxed, all of which are advantageous qualities that can be useful in your work. Although there is no legal way to create a job that only allows stoners to work there, it's not impossible to allow employees to occasionally smoke marijuana (legally or illegally) while they're at work. This isn't a guide on how jobs can accommodate their employees weed-smoking habits (although we may write one in the future), but simply a list of awesome jobs you can have while being a stoner.

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