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5 Reasons to Choose Edibles Over Smoking

If you're an old-school cannabis user, you might not think much about edibles. Sure, they're great for some people, but what's the point when you could just roll a joint or pack a bowl? Yet edibles are more than just a trend: they can offer real benefits over smoke. Not sure if it's time to switch to edibles? Here are five reasons why edible cannabis products might be right for you.

Edibles are a healthier alternative to smoking.

Smoking is bad for your lungs. Smoking is bad for your throat. Smoking is bad for your skin. Smoking is bad for, well, everything about you. But smoking isn't the only way to get high. Edibles are a healthier alternative to smoking, and they're actually quite effective at helping users achieve that "high" that everyone wants!

Edibles can be made in almost any form: baked goods like cookies or brownies; candies like gummies; even soda pop if you want something sugary-sweet! They're easy to make at home using just a few simple ingredients and some time in the oven (or microwave). If you're looking to save money on food but still have an experience similar to smoking pot, edibles are a great option—especially because eating them doesn't require equipment or smoke inhalation!

You can be more discreet with edibles.

When you’re eating edibles, you can be more discreet. You don't need to carry around a giant bag of weed with you everywhere — just slip a few gummies into your pocket or purse and enjoy them when the time is right. That makes it easy to eat edibles anywhere: at home, in public, at work, on the go, etc.

If there's one thing that makes consuming cannabis more difficult than smoking it (and there are quite a few), it's that smell issue. With smokeable cannabis products like joints or blunts, even if they are just as potent as an edible product (which they often aren't), people will know what's going on because they'll smell smoke coming from somewhere nearby. The same goes for vaporizers; these devices produce visible clouds of vapor which may or may not smell like weed depending on how efficiently they're used and how quickly their user exhales those clouds back into the air again.

On top of all this, many places have laws against smoking in public places such as parks and sidewalks; this means that anyone who wants to consume flowers needs someplace else where it's legal — usually either indoors away from other people's noses or outdoors somewhere where smoke doesn't linger in one place for long periods of time due to windy conditions outside during different seasons/times of day (which also make outdoor activities more pleasant).

It's easier to save money with edibles.

Edibles are the most cost-effective way to consume cannabis. When you buy a pre-made edible, you're getting a more concentrated dose of THC than if you were to smoke or vaporize the same amount of weed. The cost per milligram of THC is lower when making edibles at home, and if you do so with an eye toward saving money, it's easier than ever before! Here's how:

  • Use less weed in each recipe (and use smaller servings). You can get away with using less weed in your cooking by reducing the size of your recipes; this will also help reduce costs because it reduces the number of ingredients needed.

  • Buy cheap ingredients that have high ratios of cannabinoids like coconut oil and butter (but not low-quality ingredients like vegetable shortening). If possible, try to purchase organic products whenever possible so that there aren't any pesticides on them."

The biggest advantage of edibles is that they last longer than smoking or vaping cannabis. When you smoke or vape cannabis, the effects wear off after only 30 minutes or so—but when you eat it, those effects can last between four and six hours (sometimes even longer). This means that using edibles is a good idea if you have several tasks ahead of you where your focus will be important (like schoolwork).

You can find edibles that taste better than smoke.

You can find edibles that taste better than smoke. When you smoke, you're getting a lot of other things added to the mix, like tar and carbon monoxide. Edibles are just cannabis oil, which means that the taste of your favorite strain will be more pure and true to what you're used to.

Smoking is not a flavor-centric activity, so if you're looking for something that's going to be tasty, it's best not to rely on smoking at all and instead try an edible. Edibles come in a variety of flavors and consistencies, from chewy candies to soft gummies to fudge brownies or even just straight up oil drops on your tongue. These options are all available because we're talking about products made with high quality ingredients: 100% cannabis oil, organic fruits and veggies (or other natural sources), vegan alternatives like coconut oil or soy lecithin...the list goes on!

Smoking cannabis isn't the only way to get high anymore!

It's no secret that smoking cannabis can be damaging to your lungs. But what you might not know is that it's also a lot more difficult than you'd think to smoke in public. You may have to buy more weed than you need, which means carrying around an extra bag of pot, and trust us when we say that these things are not always welcome among law enforcement officers (or even just nosy neighbors). And let's not forget about how expensive it can be! Not only do you need to pay for the quality of the bud itself, but then there are all those accessories—the rolling papers and lighters—that add up really fast. It's like buying alcohol for every friend who comes over for drinks at home on Friday night: sure enough, one friend will end up drinking too much because he feels left out or something and now everyone has bad breath because he puked up his pizza burrito all over the carpeting...and why am I getting hungry? Let me go grab some snacks before continuing this story line...

This is why edibles are such an attractive option: they're healthier than smoking; they don't require any additional equipment (such as lighters/joints/bongs); they're easy-to-use; they control dosage better; they're more discreet; and most importantly: they taste good!


Hopefully, we’ve given you a better idea of the benefits of edibles. Take some time to figure out what’s right for you personally and how often you want to use them. Once you make that decision, we think your next one will be easy: start searching for the perfect edible today!

Speaking of which, if you're looking for that perfect edible, maybe you should try some of ours?

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