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5 Items You Need In Your Cannabis Arsenal

I recently became a proud owner of a basic, entry-level vaporizer for my own cannabis arsenal. I know the experience is largely a subjective one but I figured the list would still be worth it, as I'm sure many people on the fence will find it a good reference to begin their search for the perfect vape. The purpose is to provide information — not to persuade or convince anyone of anything. This article is just meant as an introduction with my own experience and insights (which you can take with a grain of salt) on 5 essential items that can make your time with cannabis more pleasant.

The most important part of any arsenal is having the right tools at your disposal. But what’s the best way to ensure you have everything needed when using cannabis? An arsenal of tools can really take your experience to another level.

If you’re new to the cannabis scene or have just begun experimenting then I am assuming that you don’t have much of a cannabis arsenal yet. If you already enjoy a weed filled life then you could probably skip this article. You are going to need a few things before your experience can be perfected.

When it comes to cannabis, there are so many different ways to get the most out of your experience. Whether you want to vaporize, smoke, or eat your way to euphoria, there are tons of tools that can help you enjoy the process and get the most out of your bud.

We’ve gathered a list of 5 must-have items for every cannabis consumer’s arsenal. These items will enhance and elevate your weed experience.

1. Cannabis Containers :

Different strains provide different effects, and keeping them organized is a challenge for many consumers. There are some great options for containers on the market that help keep strains organized and fresh in one place. The main way to preserve your weed is by keeping it in jars or containers. These containers are airtight so they will keep your bud fresh for weeks at a time. Depending on how much weed you have, there are plenty of sizes available and they come in glass or plastic as well. A storage container is an essential piece of equipment because it keeps your herb safe from children and pets, protects it from light exposure, mold, and mildew, and helps it retain its potency over an extended period of time

2. Rolling Papers :

They may seem like an obvious choice, but having a variety of rolling papers available is always a good idea. You never know when you might need them! While some people prefer joints, others prefer blunts or spliffs, so having different types on hand ensures that everyone can enjoy their preferred method of consumption. That's why we recommend stocking up on various types of papers that come in different sizes and are made from different materials. Rolling papers come in handy if you want to roll a joint or blunt -- or even if you just want to roll yourself a roach! There are lots of different types of rolling papers on the market, from simple white ones to flavored varieties like grape and vanilla. You can even find 24k gold rolling papers if you're feeling fancy!

3. Grinder :

It's essential that you have a good grinder if you're a smoker. Grinding herb makes it easier to smoke, and it also allows you to burn more evenly, which leads to a better smoking experience. If you're using a vaporizer or smoking a bowl, ground up cannabis will burn more evenly than large chunks. The smaller the pieces of herb, the more surface area you have for combustion and vaporization. Grinders also make it easier to roll joints and blunts without making a mess with sticky resin buildup on your fingers. A four-piece grinder is ideal because it will separate the kief from the flower, allowing you to save up your kief and sprinkle it on top of your ground flower for an extra potent hit! A grinder is a must-have in your cannabis arsenal. Whether you use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, grinders make the job easier. There are many different types of grinders on the market, but they all perform the same function: to break down your herb into small pieces.

4. Vaporizers :

Vaporizers are tools used to heat up cannabis. The vaporizer heats up the cannabis just enough to extract its most useful compounds and flavors, but not enough to cause combustion or smoke production. Vaporizers can be portable or stationary, hand-held or table top, battery operated or electric. They also don't smell as much when you use them, so they're more discreet than other methods of consumption. Desktop vaporizers plug into an outlet and tend to be more powerful than their portable counterparts (which run on batteries).

5. Pipe Or Bong :

A pipe is a great way to smoke your cannabis flower because it's compact and portable. A lot of pipes can be easily concealed in the palm of your hand making them perfect for when you're on-the-go. Even if you prefer to smoke out of a bong or blunt, having a pipe on hand is still a good idea because they're much easier to clean than other smoking devices.

If you want a smoother hit, nothing beats water filtration. There are lots of different types of bongs and water pipes that range in price from $20-$500 (and higher). Bongs and water pipes can be made with glass or silicone. Glass provides the best flavor but is easy to break and can be expensive. Silicone bongs are more durable and less expensive but don't provide as clean of a taste as glass pieces do. If you're looking for something less expensive, simple glass or acrylic bongs can be found for around $20-$50 at most shops.

The items listed above are the essentials for your cannabis arsenal. Not everyone will have all of these items but having a variety of pipes, different grinders and jars to put weed in can give you exactly what you need on the spot without the hassle of carrying around 2 or 3 of each item. Your ultimate goal is to find what works best for you to increase the quality and enjoyment of your sessions.

I hope you found this helpful, and thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. As always, please join me next week for the latest news from the world of cannabis, and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter below!

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